A Professional Psychiatric Hospital for People in Gauteng

When you need a solution to a professional psychiatric hospital near Gauteng, Beethoven Recovery Centre is your first choice. Our psychiatric unit admits people of 16 years of age and older who are dealing with a treatable mental disorder/illness and seeks to give them the necessary knowledge and skills to deal with and overcome the symptoms of their specific mental disorder. In this article, we look at different types of mental disorders, how these disorders can develop in teenagers and adults, and how you can be more aware of your personal mental health.

Different Types of Mental Disorders

There is a broad spectrum of mental disorders that ranges from the autism spectrum all the way through to psychotic and anxiety disorders. Some of these disorders are treatable, while others are permanent conditions that require recurring treatment solutions. Developmental and genetic disorders are usually berthed at a young age and carried over into adolescence and adulthood. These disorders include a variety of personality disorders, behavioural disorders, and disorders that influence an individual’s method of social communication, retaining knowledge, or way of thinking.

Am I at Risk of Developing a Mental Illness as an Adult?

Simply put, everybody is at risk of developing a mental disorder. Females are more likely to experience anxiety, depression, and eating disorders, while males are more likely to experience substance abuse, antisocial personality disorders, and similar disorders. When it comes to behavioural disorders and ADHD, they are more likely to berth in adolescents. Adults are more likely to experience increased stress levels and dealing with life-changing events, both of which can be deadly to a person’s mental health. Stress can also cause other medical conditions to reveal themselves.

A typical adult can experience various traumatic and/or life-changing events that include job loss, divorce, or going through a traumatic experience. These events can cause post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), a variety of anxiety disorders, and behavioural disorders such as substance abuse. In turn, substance abuse can become a full-blown addiction that takes control of such a person’s life – to a point where they are not willing to admit that they have a problem and thus will never seek the accommodating psychiatric care that they clearly need.

Personal Mental Health Awareness

Most people do not even consider their personal mental health as a subject of importance in their life. However, it is pivotal to ensure that your mental health is stable and under control. If not, your life can take unexpected turns and you will open yourself to a variety of potential mental disorders that could develop as a result. Behavioural disorders are some of the most common disorders that can take control of a person’s life – whether it is falling into depression, giving into anxiety, continual substance abuse, or even continuous attention seeking from peers to help them justify their actions and thought patterns.

Beethoven Recovery Centre is your first choice in a professional psychiatric hospital for people living in Gauteng and the surrounding areas. Feel free to browse our website for details on our premises and contact us today if you have any questions on how we can assist.

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