A Professional Psychiatric Hospital/Care Unit near Gauteng

We live in a time where mental health has become as important as physical health for the general population. If you are looking for a psychiatric hospital or care unit that is ideally located for people living in Gauteng, Beethoven Recovery Centre is your answer! Our psychiatric care unit is next to the Hartbeespoort dam – just outside Pretoria – and surrounded by peaceful mother nature to create a tranquil and welcoming environment that promotes a healthy state of mind.

Our Focus is Solely on Our Patients

Living with a mental disorder can disrupt a person’s daily routines and thinking patterns. Therefore, we strive to create an environment that puts our patient’s mind at ease. In contrast to other psychiatric hospitals, we offer comfortable accommodation for our patients – with a professional chef and their brigade to prepare 3 delicious daily meals, and a team of professional medical personnel who are available around the clock to see to our patients’ needs. We also offer a wholistic programme that takes every element of the human being into consideration for a comprehensive approach to psychiatric treatment at our facility.

The Importance of Seeking Professional Psychiatric Care

Most adults are either unaware or dismissive about mental disorders. The fact is that life happens to all of us. Therefore, we encourage people to seek professional psychiatric care when dealing with a mental disorder instead of wiping it under the rug and dismissing its existence. PTSD and depression are some of the most common types of mental disorders in teenagers and adults. If you struggle with either of them, Beethoven Recovery Centre offers a solution to allow you to get back to a healthy state of mind and live life to the fullest.

Common Causes of PTSD and Depression

Our brains have different responses to certain events and behavioural patterns, dependent on your age, personality, and other elements of your being. Depression is usually caused by experiencing severe stress levels – whether in your personal or professional life. PTSD can be the result of experiencing a life-changing or traumatising event. When something triggers a memory of that event, it induces intense stress on the body and mind – sending the person into a state of panic in some cases. Beethoven Recovery Centre’s psychiatric hospital is a solution for people of 16 years and older to overcome such mental disorders and get back to a healthy state of mind.

Overcoming PTSD and Depression

At our psychiatric hospital, we give our patients a solution to receive professional psychiatric treatment to overcome PTSD and depression. Upon admission, the patient undergoes a complete evaluation to give us to necessary information to tailor our programme to their unique needs. Once they leave our care, they can start forging a new path in life – with a healthy state of mind that is free from the influence of a treatable/curable mental disorder.

Beethoven Recovery Centre is your first choice when seeking a professional psychiatric hospital near Gauteng! Please contact us today with any enquiries about how we can assist you or browse our website to learn more about our premises and programme. Take back control of your mental health with Beethoven Recovery Centre on your side!

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