A Professional Psychiatric Clinic for People Living in Gauteng

When you need a professional psychiatric clinic to provide professional mental healthcare near Gauteng, Beethoven Recovery Centre is your first choice! We are in Hartbeespoort, only a short drive outside Pretoria, and remotely located to remove our patients from a bustling and distracting city environment. Our treatment programme is flexible and adapts to the specific needs of the patient – who undergoes a complete evaluation upon admittance to determine the best possible approach. Our psychiatric clinic admits people of 16 years and older to our treatment and can be a solution for those who suffer from treatable/curable mental disorders.

Can a Mental Disorder be Cured?

In a word – no. However, there are various types of effective treatments to allow people who suffer from treatable mental disorders to overcome the challenges of their specific disorder and live a healthy and prosperous life. These disorders include anxiety, PTSD, depression, and schizophrenia as leading examples. By seeking professional care at a psychiatric clinic such as Beethoven Recovery Centre, you can overcome the various hurdles that a mental disorder throws your way in life and become more aware of the state of your mental health as a teenager or adult.

The Importance of Mental Health Awareness

People are mostly unaware of the state of their mental health, begging the invitation of depression and stress to consume an unaware person’s life. The World Health Organisation posted that more than 60% of adults from around the world will be exposed to irregular levels of depression and stress – putting the majority at risk of developing a mental disorder as a result. In South Africa, we have contributing factors that add fuel to the fire when it comes to the development of depression and PTSD in adults and teenagers. These factors include excessively high crime and divorce rates, as well as job loss and the rarity of jobs in general.

When experiencing a traumatic event such as being a victim to a crime, or a life-changing event such as losing your job or going through a divorce, you are at risk of developing depression or PTSD. By being aware of the dangers of these mental disorders that could be berthed during this time of your life, you can act immediately when you notice something is off or has changed because of it.

Depression has a knack of causing regression, demotivation, and finding useless reasons to postpone or cancel social interactions and going to work. PTSD will invoke an unnatural level of stress on your mind and body when something triggers a memory of that specific traumatic event that you experienced in your life. At this point, we strongly suggest that you seek professional assistance at a psychiatric clinic.

Beethoven Recovery Centre is your solution to a remotely located psychiatric clinic for people living in Gauteng and surrounding areas. Please feel free to browse our website for details on our premises and implemented programme or contact us directly to enquire about how we can assist you to overcome the challenges of living with a mental disorder today.

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