A Feasible Solution for Alcohol Rehabilitation near Gauteng

When you need a solution to overcome addiction, Beethoven Recovery Centre is your answer! We offer a holistic alcohol rehabilitation programme that can help you to get that proverbial monkey off your back and forge a new path in life – one of sober living wellness. We also offer a professional mental healthcare facility for people who suffer from treatable mental disorders. In this article, we discuss the dangers of addiction, how alcohol addiction affects an adult’s life, and how to truly overcome addiction.

The Dangers of Addiction

Most people aren’t aware of their addiction before it is too late. Some people choose to continue living with their addiction, even though they are aware of it. Alcohol addiction is one of the more common types of addiction in Gauteng, as alcoholic beverages are legally sold and consumed within social settings. If a person does not consume alcoholic beverages, they are considered an outcast in most social circles, and would fall under peer pressure to consume alcohol eventually – just to be a part of the group. This is dangerous and destructive behaviour that could lead to the development of an addiction over time.

Unfortunately, being able to “hold your liquor” is seen as an achievement in South African culture. The more you can drink, the more you can brag about it. However, consuming ample amounts of alcoholic beverages puts your body at risk of developing a physical dependence, in the same sense that consuming vast amounts of nicotine and caffeine can lead to addiction. Sadly, consumables that contain these addictive substances are legally sold and freely available for people over the age of 18. In most cases, it is easy to indulge and overextend yourself with the consumption of alcoholic beverages, especially if you are new to it all.

How Does Alcohol Addiction Affect an Adult’s Life?

Most adults who are addicted to alcohol are not even aware of their addiction, while everyone else around them can clearly see the signs of addiction in them. The first and most obvious sign of alcohol addiction, is the urge to consume alcoholic beverages at any given opportunity. Whether it is in a professional setting, having lunch at a restaurant, or merely having a quick coffee at a coffee shop, addicts will always find a way to sneak in a little bit of alcohol. Within social settings, they also tend to overdo it quickly – drinking too much and getting drunk fast.

When someone points out that they might be an addict, they will immediately become defensive about it or come up with excuses to put the blame on something else that “forces” them to drink as a coping mechanism. In the end, it is all an effort to mask the underlying truth that they are addicted to alcohol and should seek professional alcohol rehabilitation to get their life back on track before going down that golden spiral of endless misery.

How Do I Overcome Alcohol Addiction?

Beethoven Recovery Centre’s alcohol rehabilitation programme admits people of 18 years and older – strictly on a voluntary basis to ensure that they are willing to cooperate with the programme. The first phase of the programme emphasises education and knowledge about addiction – teaching the patients about the effects of addiction on their lives and giving them the necessary time to reflect on their lives and identify areas that have been affected by their addiction and corresponding destructive behaviour about it. This phase covers 3 weeks and aims to inspire the patient to make a definitive choice to overcome their addiction on their own terms, as it takes an active choice to truly conquer addiction.

The second phase of our alcohol rehabilitation programme is voluntary and recommended to those who completed the first phase. This phase covers 4 weeks and puts the focus on social reintegration and avoiding pitfalls for relapsing. It can be difficult to rejoin your social circle as a sober person and peer pressure might get you to relapse. This phase gives you the necessary knowledge and tools to avoid any relapsing and focus on a life of sober living wellness instead.

Beethoven Recovery Centre is your first choice when you need professional alcohol rehabilitation solutions near Gauteng. Feel free to browse our website for details on our facilities and programme and contact us today if you have any questions on how we can assist you to truly overcome addiction on your own terms.

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