Rehab Therapy Programme

When Rehab Therapy is Needed Rehab therapy is recommended when a substance dependency starts to take control of a person’s life. With such a dependency, the individual will go to extreme lengths to satisfy their craving for that specific substance, altering their... read more

Rehabilitation Therapy

The Function of Rehabilitation Therapy Rehabilitation therapy helps people who suffer from physical addiction or mental disorders. These include drug abuse, alcohol abuse, prescription medicine abuse, as well as behavioural addictions. Addiction is mostly... read more

Psychiatric care

An Introduction to Psychiatric Care Psychiatric care is utilised to prevent and treat mental disorders, also called mental illness. At this stage, more than 200 kinds of disorders related to the mental health of people are defined as mental disorders. It is an... read more

Psychiatric Care Unit

Psychiatric Care Units Defined A psychiatric care unit provides psychiatric care to patients who suffer from mental illness. A mental disorder is an abnormal medical condition on a physical, emotional, or psychological level, which is the result of abnormal emotions... read more

Rehab Centre

The Functionality of a Rehab Centre A rehab centre provides care for people suffering from basically any form of addiction. Substance addiction includes the abuse of drugs, alcohol, or prescription medication. Behavioural addictions such as eating disorders are also... read more

Drug rehabilitation in Gauteng

Gauteng – Both Big and Small Gauteng is the smallest province in South Africa but houses the biggest population in the country. Almost 15 million people, which adds up to a quarter of the total counted population in this country, live in Gauteng. Since this province... read more
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