Recovery Centre Gauteng

A Need for Recovery Centres in Gauteng Gauteng has the largest population of all the provinces in South Africa. A logical conclusion leads to Gauteng having a large pool of medical hospitals and treatment centres to serve the large population living in the province. A... read more

Recovery Centre

A Recovery Centre to Suit your Needs A recovery centre is established to help people with mental illnesses and drug addictions. Despite the negative connotations attached to recovery centres, these centres can bring a positive change to people in need of these... read more

Prescription Drug Rehabilitation

The Danger of Prescription Medication Most of us are under the impression that when a doctor prescribes medication, that medicine is completely safe. Provided that the medication is not used for an extended period of time, and used within the set parameters, it is... read more

Alcohol Rehabilitation in Gauteng

Alcohol Rehabilitation in Gauteng Gauteng can be regarded as the heartland of South Africa, with almost a quarter of all the residents living in this small province. Despite the size of the province, it houses the most rehabilitation centres in the country, especially... read more

Rehab Therapy Programme

When Rehab Therapy is Needed Rehab therapy is recommended when a substance dependency starts to take control of a person’s life. With such a dependency, the individual will go to extreme lengths to satisfy their craving for that specific substance, altering their... read more

Rehabilitation Therapy

The Function of Rehabilitation Therapy Rehabilitation therapy helps people who suffer from physical addiction or mental disorders. These include drug abuse, alcohol abuse, prescription medicine abuse, as well as behavioural addictions. Addiction is mostly... read more
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