Psychiatric care unit

Beethoven’s Psychiatric Care Unit Most people are unaware of what a psychiatric unit’s functions are and how they can assist people suffering from mental illness and addiction. When an individual requires these services, it might be difficult to get the ideal... read more

Recovery Centre

Recovery in a Suitable Environment Mental illness requires professional and accurate diagnosis and treatment to ensure that a person suffering from a specific form of mental illness can have a fair and equal chance at enjoying life. Not every mental illness can be... read more

Drug rehabilitation in Gauteng

Choosing the Ideal Drug Rehabilitation Centre Gauteng is the province in South Africa that provides the biggest selection of rehabilitation centres in the country. With a warm and inviting climate and beautiful scenery, the environment is ideal for rehabilitation and... read more

Psychiatric care

We Can Help People who are Suffering from Mental Illness People who suffer from mental illness display an abnormal behavioural pattern related to their regular thinking patterns, perceptions, and emotions, characterised by anxiety, depression, eating disorders or... read more

Rehab Centre

The Attributes of a Professional Rehab Centre When people suffer from a psychiatric problem or a form of addiction, the people around them, usually direct family members or someone in their friend group, would browse the internet for viable solutions, especially with... read more

Recovery Centre

A Recovery Centre with a Difference It is easy to make a statement claiming that Beethoven Recovery Centre is a viable and ideal option for people suffering from mental illness or substance addiction and looking for treatment. As a result, the proof is in the... read more
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