Alcohol Rehabilitation in Gauteng

Alcohol Rehabilitation The use of alcohol is a legal and popular method of relaxing with friends and having a good time but has a dangerous side to it that can be very susceptible for socially driven people. The internet is full of praise for all the health benefits... read more

Drug Rehabilitation Centre

The Situation in South Africa Landing a steady income in South Africa is difficult, with more than 50% of school graduates struggling to get into the working sector and securing a full-time job once they have matriculated. As a result, the unemployment rate in South... read more

Rehab Centre

The Purpose of a Rehab Centre The ideal purpose of a rehab centre is to take care of and assist people with dependencies and mental illnesses, leading them on a road to recovery. This process involves the admittance of people in dire need of rehabilitation, providing... read more

Rehab Centre Gauteng

A Definite Need for Rehab in Gauteng Although Gauteng is the smallest province in South Africa, it is also the busiest province, boasting with a population of 15 million people, which is more than a quarter of South Africa’s population. Since the province is... read more

Psychiatric Care

The Reason for Psychiatric Care Psychiatric care is a specific medical field that focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of mental disorders, also referred to as mental illness. These are abnormal behaviours, originating from emotional, psychological, or physical... read more

Alcohol Therapy Programme

Alcohol Dependency It is socially acceptable to consume alcoholic beverages on occasion, whether it is a meal, a celebration, or just a simple night out after a long day’s work. Drinking alcohol can easily turn into a social habit, which nobody would give any thought... read more
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