Recovery Centre

The Mindset of Beethoven Recovery Centre Recovery centres are facilities where people are treated to overcome addiction or deal with specific mental illness. Treatment programmes are implemented to optimise this process of healing and self-empowerment. Beethoven... read more

Alcohol Therapy Programme

Alcohol Therapy Programme If you need a world-renowned alcohol therapy programme urgently, you need not look any further. The website of Beethoven Recovery Centre will inform you in detail about our programme and everything that goes with it. First, to be admitted to... read more

Gauteng Rehabilitation Centre

Addiction Needs Rehabilitation Most addicts are unaware of their own addiction. Some of them are oblivious to the addiction and the impact it has on their life. However, their addiction comes to light when they already have a total dependence on a specific substance.... read more

Rehab Therapy Programme

Rehab Therapy Programme Beethoven Recovery Centre specialises in rehab therapy for people addicted to drugs or alcohol. We also specialise in behavioural addiction. Our rehab centre admits people of 18 years and older. Our programme forms part of an integrative model... read more

Alcohol Rehabilitation in Gauteng

Alcohol Rehabilitation The use of alcohol is a legal and popular method of relaxing with friends and having a good time but has a dangerous side to it that can be very susceptible for socially driven people. The internet is full of praise for all the health benefits... read more

Drug Rehabilitation Centre

The Situation in South Africa Landing a steady income in South Africa is difficult, with more than 50% of school graduates struggling to get into the working sector and securing a full-time job once they have matriculated. As a result, the unemployment rate in South... read more
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