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The prelude to rehab: Addiction In most cases addiction is not one’s own choice, but something that catches a person a long time before that person is aware of it. It can be described as one of the cruellest and most extreme forms of dependency that a human being can... read more

Psychiatric Care and Treatment

My mental health status Mental health is a positive combination of behaviour, feelings, perceptions, and thoughts. When this combination is distorted due to internal or external factors, the person becomes mentally ill, which can lead to various forms of mental... read more

Gauteng Recovery Centre

Quality Recovery What does recovery mean? Recovery refers to being restored to one’s everyday health, strength, and lifestyle. At the Beethoven Recovery Centre, we specialise in helping people to recover from a mental illness through rehabilitation. Psychiatric... read more

Drug rehabilitation in Gauteng

Live Life to the Fullest Young people, with regards to teenagers and young adults, would seek approval from their immediate peers. To say ‘no’ in certain situations, can mean that they are kicked out of their peer group. In this way, many people would say or do... read more

Psychiatric Treatment in Hartbeespoort

Location, location, location Location is one of the determining factors that plays a unique role in almost every segment of our life. People like to choose a specific place, town, or city, with a specific suburb where they want to live, work, and be happy. Statistics... read more

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The mission statement of Beethoven Recovery Centre One of the obstacles we experience nowadays in our country, is prejudice and discrimination on various levels ??? serving to prevent a person from getting help and the necessary care they need ??? as people are... read more