Psychiatric Treatment in Hartbeespoort

Location, location, location Location is one of the determining factors that plays a unique role in almost every segment of our life. People like to choose a specific place, town, or city, with a specific suburb where they want to live, work, and be happy. Statistics... read more

Psychiatric care unit

The mission statement of Beethoven Recovery Centre One of the obstacles we experience nowadays in our country, is prejudice and discrimination on various levels – serving to prevent a person from getting help and the necessary care they need – as people are fearful of... read more

Prescription drug rehabilitation

Introduction A prescription drug, or prescription medication, is a pharmaceutical drug that legally requires a medical prescription to be dispensed by a doctor. This can be distinguished from over-the-counter drugs that can be obtained without a prescription, and... read more

Alcohol abuse therapy

Alcohol abuse and symptoms of addiction Alcohol abuse can be defined as the habit of drinking too much, although it was not a person’s intent when they started to enjoy alcoholic beverages. “Too much” is not in comparison with one’s friends, but it relates to what... read more

Clinical depression treatment

When Life Gets You Down Life is a journey that needs to be enjoyed, and most of us can agree that we are happy with ourselves and how we choose to live our lives. Although we may enjoy today, tomorrow can throw us a curve ball and our lives can be changed in an... read more

Alcohol rehabilitation centre

Statistics In South Africa, the men are very proud – to such an extent that they have to show others that they can consume lots of alcohol without really being affected by the alcohol. It is a common fact that the continuous abuse of alcohol mostly leads to addiction.... read more